A little hydration, a lot of inspiration

Eco-Friendly water bottles designed for adding fruits and herbs. Ideal for hydration with flavor and benefits. Each bottle is imprinted with quotes to motivate and inspire you for every chapter of your journey.

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Lottle Bottle 650ml (22oz)


Water is important for almost every function of the body, yet over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. By drinking more water you can improve physical performance, lose weight, boost your mood, and protect your body from diseases.


Who said drinking water had to be boring? There are endless combinations of fruits & herbs you can choose from. Invest in yourself by upgrading the way you consume water.


Positive thinking results in positive actions. Each of our bottles feature quotes that inspire and motivate. Affirmations have the power to remind us of the importance of love, life, progress, and change.

Hydrate and Detox while helping others

Every bottle sold helps end the water crisis and restore hope for families in need in sub-Saharan Africa.

Finally a water bottle that is functional and stylish!

Crystal Warren

So easy to make delicious infused water. I am so motivated to reach my hydration goals thanks to lottle bottle!

Gabriel Burdier

The pop in strainer makes this bottle sooo easy to use compared to other infuser bottles.

Christian Kerry